Do you experience nasal congestion or stuffiness,tenderness of the face, persistent post nasal drip, headaches or teeth pain?

Then you may have sinusitis or a sinus infection.

It is often confused with a bad cold that never seems to go away. Sinuses are air filled cavities within the skull. As a result of allergies and hay fever, people often get infections in their sinuses caused by bacteria leading to the symptoms described above.

If you suffer from these symptoms, we can help. A board certified allergist is the most appropriate doctor to take care of these problems. Once the diagnosis is made, the proper antibiotic can clear up this problem and we can help you keep it from recurring.

By diagnosing what the cause of your allergies are, we can treat these symptoms and prevent ongoing and recurrent sinus infections.

Contact our office now and see what we can do to help you rid yourself of sinus infections once and for all.